About the SA Institute of Physics


The SAIP was established in July 1955 and has grown to a membership of over 600 in 2015, of which about 10% are in other African countries or further abroad. It has also diversified to the extent that there are today a number of Divisions within the SAIP, concentrating on more specific fields, whilst participating in the general activities of the Institute. Download a short description of the History of the SAIP. A General Info Brochure can be downloaded here.

The Divisions within SAIP are listed on the SAIP Divisions Site.


Objectives of the SAIP

  • To promote study and research in physics and related subjects and to encourage applications thereof.
  • To further the exchange of knowledge among physicists by means of publications and conferences.
  • To uphold the status of and ensure a high standard of professional conduct among physicists.
  • To do all such other lawful things as may be necessary to attain the above objects including the co-operation with other institutes or societies, to the benefit of both.

The SAIP pursues these aims by, inter alia:

  • Organizing an annual conference, to which overseas speakers are regularly invited.
  • Organizing winter and summer schools and various workshops and symposia through its divisions.
  • Giving awards for excellence at various levels.

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