Annual SAIP Conferences

Please Note: If you are a current member of the SAIP, you must be paid up for the previous year to receive the member discount at the Annual SAIP Conference. For example, if you are attending the 2008 conference, your 2007 fees must be paid up.

Please Note: If you are joining the SAIP to to receive the member discount at the Annual SAIP Conference, you must pay your fees in full AFTER you receive confirmation that your application has been accepted. Payment of fees without submission of an application form does not make you a member.


Past SAIP Conference Hosts

Year Host Institution
1969 WITS
1970 CSIR
1971 UCT
1972 WITS
1973 UNISA
1974 PU for CHE
1975 UND
1976 RAU
1978 CSIR
1979 UOFS
1980 WITS
1981 UPE
1982 US
1983 UP
1984 UCT
1985 PU for CHE
1986 RAU
1987 UND
1989 UNISA + (UP)
1990 UPE
1991 UOFS
1992 WITS
1993 US
1994 UNIBO + (PU for CHE)
1995 UWC
1996 UP
1997 UDW
1998 UCT
1999 UPE
2000 RAU
2001 UND
2002 PU for CHE
2003 US
2004 UFS
2005 UP
2006 UWC
2007 WITS
2008 UL
2009 UKZN, Westville Campus
2010 CSIR Pretoria
2011 UNISA
2012 UP
2013 UniZulu
2014 UJ Kingsway campus
2015 NMMU and RU
2016 UCT


Report from the SAIP Conference Committee

The SAIP Council appointed a Committee in October 2003 to investigate the problems associated with the SAIP Annual Conference. The Report from the SAIP Conference Committee is now available. We welcome comments from members on the content of this document. The recommendations will be implemented as far as possible from 2005. Send comments to Dr. P.A. Whitelock [paw{at}saao{dot}ac{dot}za].


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