SA Physics Benchmark Statement


A benchmark is a standard or point of reference against which programmes may be compared or assessed. Benchmarking is a strategic process often used to evaluate and measure performance in relation to best practices of the particular sector towards improving one’s own performance. 

Benchmarks are formulated by a group comprising participants who are representative of the sector, they have to take a broad approach to integrate concerns at regional and national levels. After consultation with physicists on a regional basis, a Benchmark Statement Task Team (consisting of seven members) was constituted, representing the 17 physics departments in the country. The Task Team has now completed this first version of the benchmark statement, which will be updated from time to time through consultations with the South African physicscommunity (Download Latest SA Physics Benchmark Statetement).

It is up to each institution to formulate the precise and measurable indicators that apply to its situation in the context of various national policies, including the Higher Education Qualifications Framework, Level Indicators, and the generic Qualification Standard for the Bachelor of Science degree, as well as the respective university rules.         


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