SAIP Adopts New Constitution and By-Laws

The SAIP is in the process of registering with SAQA as a Professional Body and this also involves the development of a Physics Professional Designation.  SAIP is developing the Professional Physicist (Pr.Phys) designation. A member registered with SAIP as a Professional Physicist can use the letters Pr.Phys after their name e.g. George Brown (Pr.Phys).

New Constitution & By-laws Adopted  on 12 July 2013 AGM

In order to achieve the above it was necessary for the SAIP to add new clauses to its constitution and bylaws.

The proposed changes to the constitution and bylaws were decided by a secret vote by SAIP members. The results of the constitutional change were announce on 12 July 2013 at the AGM held in Richards Bay at University of Zululand and they were 100% in support of the changes. 


Download the current versions below

SAIP Constitution

SAIP By-laws

SAIP Guidelines

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