The SAIP Online Membership Pages

The SAIP's Online Membership Pages are composed of two main parts: the Online Membership Community and the Online Membership System.

The Online Membership Community (OMC) is a collection of tools that together make up the SAIP's social networking service.

The Online Membership System (OMS) is an online system to manage and administer SAIP members and membership records.

Please post any questions to the relevant forum to build up a community knowledge-base:

You should have received a welcome message containing your login details via email.

If you are a member and did not receive the welcome message, it means you need to update your email details with either the SAIP Secretary or the SAIP Office.


We strongly recommend that the first thing you do is to change your password by:

  • Login into the OMS
  • Select "Member Details"
  • Select "View Details"
  • Choose "Change Password..."


Incomplete Records

A handful of members don't have a Correspondence profile. If you are affected, please contact the SAIP Secretary to create one for you.

Editting your Profile

Please note that you can not edit most of the community profile fields (https://www.saip.org.za/index.php/profile) via the community login (https://www.saip.org.za/), you can only edit them via "View Details" (as decribed above) and "Edit Object".

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