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A Southern African Physics Magazine

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The aim of Physics Comment is to disseminate news and recent developments in research and provoke discussion in the broad area of Physics. The wide application of the field means that interests and submissions will be welcomed on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Technology
  • International news
  • Recent research and innovation in physics
  • Advances Relevant to Physics
  • Advertisements (Rates)

This online magazine also welcomes research contributions on specific application areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Education and Training
  • Medicine
  • Telecommunications

Since some of the readers may be unfamiliar with the technical detail of the specific topics being discussed, emphasis will be placed on clear, well-written, and accessible articles which will appeal to a multidisciplinary audience. The magazine's audience includes those undertaking basic and applied physics research in either academia or industry, alongside the general public who take a keen interest in physics.

To complement the technical articles, the magazine will also accept shorter reports and news communications. Articles providing overviews of research laboratories or application of physics are particularly welcomed.

Physics Comment requires you, the reader, and you the physics enthusiast to contribute by submitting articles and news reports for the next issue of this magazine.

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Physics Comment Vol11 Issue 3 December 2018

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Physics Comment Vol9 Issue 1 Nov 2017 

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Physics Comment Vol 8 Issue 2 Dec 2016


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Information for Contributors

A dedicated Physics Comment website is being planned where contributors can submit their articles online. Until that point, contributions should be submitted in MS-Word format on the prescribed template. Items not submitted in this format will be returned to the author.


Editorial Policy

The Physics Comment Editorial Policy can be viewed here


Acting Editor: Prof Thomas Konrad (UKZN)

Contact Information

All queries and contributions should be emailed to PhysicsComment{at}saip{dot}org{dot}za.

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