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Physics Teacher Project - Materials Download section

1. Maths

Download Geometry-Day 1 [Download here]

Download Geometry-Day 2 [Download here]

Download Day 2 Solutions [Download here]

Geometry Summary [Download here]

Geometry Post & Pre tests [Download here]

Correlation & Regression Assessment [Download here]


2. Physical Science

Notes to the Teacher [Download here]

Physics Linear Motion & Additional Tutorials [Download here]

Simple Pendulum Notes & Exercises [Download here]

Test 1, Acid & Bases [Download here]

Additional Workshop Problems [Download here]

Vertical Free Fall/Free Fall Tutorial Questionnaire [Download here]

Vertical Free Fall/Free Fall Turorial Answers [Download here]

Life Sciences Excellence Kit-Gr 12 Paper 1 [Download here]

Life Sciences Excellence Kit-Gr 12 Paper 2 [Download here]





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